• Create a Model Working Environment for Your Employees with These Safety Tips

    Create a Model Working Environment for Your Employees with These Safety Tips

    A survey says that about 15.9% of employees working in the UAE were partially dissatisfied in their jobs due to poor working conditions. A good business technique to retain your employee is to provide them with a safe working environment. Safety management ensures your employees with a job satisfaction. So let us see the tips for creating a perfect safety environment for your employees.

    A Few Workspace Safety Tips for Your Employees:-

    • Develop An Orientation Program
      Lack of safety orientation program leads to frequent accidents in your work space. Hence, develop your company’s safety manual, conduct safety programs and do review it regularly.
    • Maintain Injury Registers
      Maintain an injury register that has the record of the date and time of the accident, name of the employee injured with the department name, how the accident has happened and the employees who witnessed it. This record will help to prevent the accidents in future.
    • Create A Health And Safety Committee
      Have a committee that includes both the representatives of the employer and the employee. They discuss about the safety related issues, carry out regular inspections and take a corrective action.
    • Follow The Correct Working Hours As Per The Law
      Set your work timing as per the law because long hours of working make the worker lose concentration, this is identified as the major cause for most of the accidents.
    • Distribute Everyone With A Safety Equipment And Conduct Safety Drills
      Make wearing the safety equipment like shoes, goggles, gloves etc. a must and do conduct fire safety drills.
    • Custom Lighting In The Work Space and ensure electrical safety
      In a company, different task requires different light setting. So extreme dim or extreme lighting leads to mishaps. So customize the light setting and have a frequent check of the electrical safety.

    Thus, a proper safety management technique protects your employees with a safe working environment.

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